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Consulting | Consultoria

LabPIB also makes available to society its expertise by means of consulting projects, which is a established venue for technology/know-how transfer. Since its founding in late 2008, LabPIB provided service (pro-bono or for-profit) to the following institutions:

O LabPIB também oferece sua expertise para a Sociedade por meio de projetos de consultoria, que é um dos meios bem estabelecidos para transferência de tecnologia/know-how. Desde sua fundação no final de 2008, o LabPIB prestou serviços (pro-bono ou comercialmente) às seguintes instituições:

Courses | Cursos

Besides regular undergrad and grad courses offered by LabPIB at University of Sao Paulo, we are involved in outreach courses. Since its founding in late 2008, LabPIB participated (pro-bono or for-profit) in the following efforts (Portuguese only):

Além dos cursos normais de graduação e pós-graduação oferecidos pelo LabPIB na Universidade de São Paulo, estamos envolvidos em cursos de extensão. Desde sua fundação no final de 2008, o LabPIB participou (pro-bono ou comercialmente) nas seguintes iniciativas:

Contributions to Wikipedia | Contribuições a Wikipédia

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Scientific communication | Divulgação Científica

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"A New Frontier: Systems Biology" | "Uma Nova Fronteira: Biologia Sistêmica". Virginia Commonwealth University, 2009 "Scinamation: Synthetic Biology" | "Scinamation: Biologia Sintética". RiAus, 2011

Technology Transfer | Transferência de Tecnologia

Genes associated to sucrose content
Souza, et al. (2010) United States Patent US7732664B2

Determining ability of plant to accumulate sugar comprises measuring the expression level a polynucleotide or its encoded polypeptide associated with sucrose content in a plant sample
Souza, et al. (2008) Patent Application, Derwent Primary Accession: 2008-A47420

New transgenic plant e.g. sugarcane plant useful for producing ethanol, comprises recombinant expression vector containing polynucleotide
Buckeridge, et al. (2010) Patent Application, Derwent Primary Accession: 2010-H36216