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SIFTER-T: A scalable and optimized framework for the SIFTER phylogenomic method of probabilistic protein domain annotation.
Almeida-e-Silva, DC & Vêncio, RZN (2015) Biotechniques, 58:140-142 - pubmed

Reprogramming of prostate cancer-associated stromal cells to embryonic stem-like.
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In silico identification of conserved intercoding sequences in Leishmania genomes: Unraveling putative cis-regulatory elements.
Vasconcelos, et al. (2012) Mol. Biochem. Parasitology, 183, 140

Combining P-values to improve classification of differential gene expression in the HTself software.
Cortez, et al. (2011) Genetics and Molecular Research, 10, 3586

Since LabPIB started recently (Nov/2008), there are few publications yet that would be considered as generated by LabPIB's effort. A glimpse of what is expected to come could be extrapolated from the PI's work before founding the laboratory: papers.

Uma vez que o LabPIB começou recentemente (Nov/2008), não há ainda muitas publicações que poderiam ser consideradas como geradas pelo trabalho do LabPIB. Uma amostra do que espera-se estar por vir pode ser estrapolada do trabalho do coordenador antes de fundar o laboratório: artigos.